Development of Agrotourism at the Pension Jizdarna

DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT "Development of Agrotourism at the Pension Jizdarna"
"This project" Development of Agrotourism at Pension Riding School "is co-financed from the Moravian-Silesian Region budget from the program" Agrotourism Support ". In the future, we want to continue to develop agrotourism.
We cordially invite you for a tour.
Thank you.
Project "Development of Agrotourism at the Pension of the Riding School"
The aim of the project is "Development of Agrotourism at the Pension of the Riding School"
Brief goal of the project
The goal of the project through wider public contact will be filled with increased attendance of the site
The objectives of the project are:
• Repairing the existing riding-hall
• Increasing the safety of visitors (the general public) while riding, teaching, and the like
• Extension of the public covered area
• Extension of the area for safe parking of bicycles and rest for cyclists - chairs for "Sun terrace"
• Extension of events - organization of blacksmith days, commented horses, stables, and the like
• Gathering public events such as child races to comment on them via a portable sound system
• Modify an existing Web language language
• Advertising on this project through your existing web site
Project implementation process:
• While maintaining transparency and objectivity, the most suitable suppliers were chosen
• Individual project actions were implemented as soon as possible:
o Purchasing protective and safety features:
 6-piece helmets for guests
 Protective vests of 6 pieces
 Pony saddles of 3 pieces, of which 1x western for the smallest children. This saddle has, among other things, a firm "pear" that children can hold. Their design and shape are attractive to children and will lead to their further interest in horse riding. Two more saddles for more advanced children riders.
 Saddles for horses in 3 pieces of universal saddles. Universal saddles, versatile, we can also meet the expression of school saddle, are used for all equestrian disciplines. The advantage of these saddles is especially for recreational and hobby riders. Typical features of these saddles are deep, comfortable and secure obsessions and flat knee restraints, resulting in a safe rider feeling.
1. E-mailing will be about 4 times a year tourists from all over the Czech Republic looking for upcoming events. We have databases of almost 6,000 email addresses. Approximately 2/3 addresses are tourists from around Olomouc, Brno, Prague and other distant corners of our country. we got them from our past satisfied guests. Through a special SW we will inform the general public from all over the Czech Republic about the outputs of the project and invite them to the upcoming events.
o Editing the existing WEB and its implementation in 2 language versions
o Implementation of an outdoor indoor public sight for visitors with horses
o Buying a portable sound system for planned public events. the report enables actively and without limitation the guides to comment on their activities without interruption of work.
 Assembly can be packed into one easily portable luggage
 The sound system for larger areas is powerful enough
 The set includes a microport
o Implementation of the repair of the surface of the riding hall - adding sand to increase the safety of the visitor. After adjustment, the riding school is much more available after rain. In addition, its surface is "softer" and therefore safer for riders and more comfortable for horses.
o Realization of blacksmith purchase for demonstration of blacksmith's work. Blacksmith regularly visits us every 2 months to go horses and treat their hooves. On this occasion the work of the blacksmith for tourists is very attractive. Together with an accompanying escort (the sound was purchased for this purpose), we can better communicate to our guests this unusual experience. It was purchased:
 Portable gas burning fire
 Blacksmith's tools
 Kovadlina
o Realization of purchase of new chairs on the terrace. We have tables but lack chairs to them. newly purchased chairs are on the "sun terrace" overlooking the Travny massif and also at the riding hall, where horsemen ride. The terrace is in the immediate vicinity of the stables where the horses are exported. The terrace is freely accessible to the public, free of charge and without compulsory consumption. Near the terrace there was a bicycle stand.
o The bicycle stand is part of the project. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the "sun terrace". Cyclists have a comfortable place to relax with a magnificent view of the Riding Hall, the Morávka valley and the remote Travny massif.
o Implementation of certification by the Association of Rural Tourism.
o Advertising costs: labels have been made that appropriately mark the items you have purchased. The labels have been coated with durable transparent varnish, also to maintain their long service life. The tourists can learn about the support provided by the Moravian-Silesian Region for each supported subject.
Thank you.